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For your eyes and shoulder muscles


Joyful Herbs is introducing EYE TEA that can relieve eye fatigue and help the tensed shoulder muscles. 


Computers and smartphones are the keys to a life of mobile convenience. However, using electronic devices makes the eyes tired.

Oftentimes it causes the eyes to get bloodshot, and even vision issues and you may not notice it because it progresses slowly.



    • Organic Herbal Tea / Caffeine Free 
    • 30 Sachets
    • Brewing Instructions: Simply add a sachet to 12 fl oz hot water, brew 3minuites, take the sachet out, and ENJOY!
    • Ingredients: Matrimony vine, Folium mori, Frutus forsythiae,  Semen cassiae, Chrysanthemum,
    • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles

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